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–“Just a little update, today has been a wonderful day. I haven’t felt this happy or content in 10 months. Your tips have helped so much and we haven’t even had to go in the crib for “time out”. He hasn’t thrown any more tantrums. Getting in the car seat has been no problem (that has NEVER happened).  He’s been playing by himself and I took a shower while he was awake.  Mealtimes have been good (he actually prefers the high chair). Thanks so much! You’ve really made a huge difference in our lives.
         – Amber Tomasch of Falls Church, VA
Amber and her 15 month old son

Amber and her 15 month old son

–“Thanks so much for coming over to help me with the inventorying, selection, organization, and presentation of the toys in our home.  Not too long after you left, Kaia disappeared into her reading chair, fully engaged and devouring her books. Her behavior has improved immensely since your visit. She plays with her toys on her own now and creates all kinds of interesting sculptures and arrangements without any temper tantrums or whining episodes. I’m guessing she is no longer bored. Also, the toys you suggested received immediate attention upon their arrival and have continued to be played with almost every day.”
      – Romina Coss of Vienna, VA


–“Thank you for the fabulous Play and Learning Seminar that you presented to Vienna Moms, Inc. as part of our Speaker Series last month. We have had great feedback.  Your focus on toys and organization has proven to be especially helpful as we move into the holiday season. I have already implemented several of your suggestions at home and have had great success! Your interactive teaching style made everyone feel comfortable and I was happy to see so many parents actively engaged and asking questions. Thank you for such an interesting and helpful seminar. You were extremely easy to work and we look forward to having you back again next year!!”
             –  Kelly Rodgers, Vienna Moms, Inc. Speaker Series Co-Chair

Testimonial.VMI seminar

Play & Learning Seminar for Vienna Moms, Inc

–“I first attended Kristen Paral’s Play and Learning Seminar in the summer of 2012 and then returned again for a refresher course in October of 2013.  Before attending the seminar, my son’s toys were disorganized and he had very little interest in playing with them after the first week or two.  I have implemented the toy rotation strategy and he shows so much more enthusiasm for his toys.  He comes home from pre-school on toy rotation day and goes over to his toy corner and is so excited.  Simply putting a toy away for a month and then making it appear again or displaying it in a different box or tub makes such a difference in his level of interest in it.   I also love Kristen’s Toy Recommendation Guide!  I have bought several toys from the list and all are a hit in our house and have provided hours of peaceful play.  I’ve created a wish list for my son’s birthday and holidays using Kristen’s recommendations to make shopping easier for us and family members.  Thank you, Kristen!”
                 – Katie Charnoff (Mother to Samuel, 3 Years Old)

–“After attending an Intelligent Nest Toy Rotation presentation in 2012, I returned home and the next evening pulled all of my children’s toys to sort into 4 bins.  Each week I pull out a new bin, and it is like Christmas/a birthday – they just get so excited with the ‘new’ toys.  It has made my life so much easier, as all the toys get played with for longer lengths of time, and my children find so much more enjoyment with their toys.  When I sing the praises of the Intelligent Nest, I tell them that the toy rotation program was life changing – and I mean it.  I also found another bonus from toy rotation – less toys out means less to clean up, making it easier for kids to help.  You will not be disappointed attending any of the Intelligent Nest’s great programs!” 
             – Heather Buescher

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