Smart Parenting for Busy & Imperfect People

Popular Seminar Topics

Play and Learning

Turn your home into an Intelligent Nest!  Explore theories of learning in early childhood and how to apply the theories at home.  Discover how your perceptions and parenting practices influence your child’s development.  Learn how to set-up a toy organization system at home and utilize activity centers to create an engaging learning environment at home.  Gain insights on how to select toys that kids will actually use and how to assess your child’s developmental needs.  This seminar can be tailored for a parent-child audience or parents only.

Education & Your Child

Learn about what research tells us about how kids learn and what to look for in an excellent educational program.  This seminar generally addresses how to make the most of your child’s educational experience, whether it be in a public or private school.  Issue include: how to engage with your child’s teachers and school, what to do when your child gets stuck with a “bad” teacher, how to help with homework, etc… This seminar can be easily tailored to address any specific client concerns for preschool or elementary education.

Einstein at Play

Albert Einstein famously said, “Combinatory play seems to the essential feature in productive thought.”  He was known for being silly, eccentric and brilliant.  Children’s brains work a lot like Einstein’s.  Social convention has yet to prevent them from using a multidisciplinary approach to learning, they are not afraid to take risks and fail, and they are renown for being wildly creative.  But, unlike Einstein and other adults, children enjoy the added benefit of having high neural plasticity, being unencumbered by social convention and absorbing more raw data daily.  Learn how to use these strengths to nurture productive thought through play in children, in order to encourage substantive learning experiences, as well as general cognitive and personal growth, for your child.

Effective Discipline 

Have another topic in mind?  Please contact Intelligent Nest, LLC to discuss!

Learn why it is important to establish and maintain an effective and loving discipline system at home and gain an understanding of practical, research-based approach to implementing a home program.  Understand the three types of negative behaviors and how to address them.  Fill your discipline tool box with tricks and tips that work, without resorting to screaming and harsh punishments.

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