Smart Parenting for Busy & Imperfect People

What is an Intelligent Nest?

An Intelligent Nest is, simply, a reasonably informed home, led by parents who are experts in the development of their own child.  This does not mean that parents need to be experts in the field of child development.  It does mean that parents ought to make reasonable efforts to, primarily, know their own child, seek information as questions arise and apply their research with discernment, as no two children are the same, and no parenting “solution” is universal.

Research in the field of child development is often misreported or sensationalized, scaring parents into believing that their child will only succeed in life if they take certain measures from conception.  While there are proven techniques that can enhance a child’s intellectual, physical and emotional capabilities, these techniques come at a personal cost to the parent and child.  A parent’s job is to assess the costs and benefits in light of who their child is and what his true needs are and to do their best to make an informed decision.  A healthy and balanced child is the goal, not perfect SAT scores and ivy league college admittance.

My goal is to present researched information and opinions on child development, education and parenting for children zero through five years of age so that you, as the parent, can make an informed decision about how to apply the information to your family.  In parenting, there is often no absolute right or wrong path (barring abuse and other extremes).  I believe parents are experts on their own children and it is their job to research and seek answers that work for their family.  In doing so, parents serve their child’s most central needs and improve the child’s chances for true success and happiness in life.

From my nest to yours,


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