Why Homework Isn’t Working in Western Countries

Homework is failing American students, but this isn’t the case in China and other Eastern countries.  Why? The answer is found in the ubiquitous complexity of cultural beliefs.

My article published by Nautilus Facts So Romantic: Attitude, Not Quantity, Makes Homework Effective.


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Intelligent Nest

Intelligent Nest, LLC strives to empower parents, from all backgrounds, using leading scientific and philosophical theories to help parents transform their homes into an Intelligent Nest. Through examining the bidirectional nature of the parent-child relationship, Intelligent Nest, LLC aims to equip parents with practical, research-based and non-judgmental solutions to inform their parenting decisions.

One thought on “Why Homework Isn’t Working in Western Countries”

  1. Kristen, I found your article to be a very interesting read, well done! Although my children are adults now and I am no longer directly impacted from the day to day grueling task that was homework completion, I find it compelling to learn of the difference cultural attitudes have on this aspect of parenting. This begs the question-what can American parents do to foster a collective attitude towards educational success in their own home? Is it even possible to develop a microcosm of community in the midst of an individualist society that is America? I firmly believe that there is a lot that’s good about the individualist culture-specifically, the belief that a person can carve their own path in life through a mixture of hard work and dedication to a goal; but clearly we have a lot to learn from different cultures about working together to support the community as a whole. It’s a lot to think about! I’m looking forward to your next article!


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