Smart Parenting for Busy & Imperfect People

Podcast Interview: Perfectionism & Parenting


Blogger and good friend, Sarah R Bagley, graciously asked me to be a guest on her podcast, “A Recovering Perfectionist’s Guide to a B+ Life”.   Grab a cup of coffee and join us for a conversation about our parenting failures, personal weakness and how we can accept our shortcomings and parent to the best of our ability in spite of them.  Some highlights include:

  1.  Dicussion of moments when a child has to be removed from a situation while kicking and screaming
  2. Discussions of how the pressure to be perfect interferes with parenting
  3. Finding a balance between parenthood, work, marriage and life
  4. How to be a happier parent
  5. Conflicting advice and how to sort through it and figure what is right for your family
  6. My feelings of failing miserably at parenting in the early years
  7. How to separate what we need from our children and what we need to accept about ourselves

Reminisce about your parenting story and visit Sarah R. Bagley’s Perfectionism & Parenting Podcast with me, Kristen Paral. Enjoy!

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