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New feature: Visit the Intelligent Nest Toy Store, powered by!  The products recommended throughout this website, especially those on The Toy Recommendation Guide, are now offered for your convenience in one, simple location on  Use the categories menu to find the perfect toy or product and click to add it to your cart.  Amazon will direct you to your regular shopping cart where to can finish your shopping and enjoy a private and secure check-out.



All the recommendations made by Intelligent Nest are based solely upon the merits of the products themselves and never on their availability or pricing on  Many of the products recommended by Intelligent Nest are not available on and you will need to visit other websites and vendors to locate them.

Box of bricks with the pyramid and the rattle.

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Intelligent Nest

Intelligent Nest, LLC strives to empower parents, from all backgrounds, using leading scientific and philosophical theories to help parents transform their homes into an Intelligent Nest. Through examining the bidirectional nature of the parent-child relationship, Intelligent Nest, LLC aims to equip parents with practical, research-based and non-judgmental solutions to inform their parenting decisions.

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